Representation for Everyone

  • Secure our Borders (Without secure borders we are no longer a sovereign nation)
  • Strengthen our Economy (The Green New Deal is destroying our economy)
  • Eliminate Federal Overreach in Education
  • No Federal Mandates to include masks, church closures and vaccines
  • Return to Energy Independence (The ability to produce our own gas, oil and coal)
  • Ensure Transparent & Fair Elections (This Sacred Institution is severely compromised)
  • Reject Economic, Social, Governance (ESG)
  • End Social & Sexual  Indoctrination of our Children-  Such as; Social Emotional Learning (SEL),  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Critical Race Theory (CRT) policies.
  • Ensure Fair Taxes and Pay Off Our Debt
  • Stand Against the WEF, WHO, UN and the Elitists of the One World Government Agenda

Government Working Together

It is impossible to represent the people of Utah’s 15th District responsibly without addressing the current state of affairs in our nation and of our world. What transpires outside of Utah directly affects each and every man, woman and child here at home. To act as your representative and not speak loudly on these national and world issues, would be the height of irresponsibility and dereliction of duty. 

I understand that the inter-relationship between local government, state government and federal government is key to a successful nation. It is only by working together and holding every part of our system to account that we can restore trust in our elected officials. I will work tirelessly  with other local, state and federal officials to ensure that the right balance of power is restored, and for the power to be returned to the people where it belongs.

Make America and Utah First

Steve Aste explains what it means to be America First

What “America First” means to me; that this nation has enjoyed freedoms and liberties like no other people or nation in the history of mankind, and that we must fight with all our strength to protect them. Being America First, is the realization that the constitution that governs us was established by man, but inspired by the finger of God, that we can stray no further from it, rather, reclaim what has been lost.  It is an understanding that to maintain our nation as a beacon of  light, liberty and freedom to the rest of the world, we must first restore her and protect her, so that she can continue to be the most prosperous, benevolent nation on the planet.  It is only then, that we as a nation, can remain a power for good in this world.

Ballot Signatures

Steve Aste discusses buying your way onto the ballot

Scott Cuthberson and Amber Shill have elected to gather signatures (pay 3rd party companies to compile signatures to ensure themselves a place on the ballot).  Delegates that have been elected at caucus have taken the initiative and spent the time to thoroughly scrutinize and vet the candidates, elections should be about good ideas and policy and not about who has the most money.

A State Senate seat requires 2000 signatures, Cuthbertson paid a whopping $9,000.00 & Amber Shill paid $6,300.00 for signatures. I paid $0, because I relied on the convention system, I talked with delegates and received their votes to see me through to the primaries. 

Our government should not be a rich mans game, it should be accessible to everyone. 

Steve Aste discusses buying your way onto the ballot


Restore and Save This State and Nation

Conversations & Actions Necessary


The United States Constitution was inspired by God, many of our local and federal officials, both Republican and Democrat have all but abandoned it. They have abused it, disregarded it and have spat on it. 

We must have elected officials that are committed to bringing back our constitutional rights and we must hold those accountable that continue to abuse it! (We hold them accountable by voting them out) The people of this state and this nation are dangerously close to losing our freedoms forever.  I will honor the constitution and the Liberty and Freedom it brings. Together lets place our trust in God and not in government.

If we are to save this Nation we need men and women that are willing to place their reputation on the line and to risk their very lives to accomplish it!


Tired of empty promises and platitudes from your elected officials?

I am interested in the TRUTH. We must seek the truth, speak the truth and learn to accept and love the truth. The truth is that our state and our nation are being destroyed from within, but if we stand together we will be successful in restoring common sense to our State and Nation. Speak the truth with compassion for the people. 

Men cannot become women and women cannot become men.

The sexual mutilation of our children and the administration of hormone blockers is cruel,  not compassionate.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is a lie, it is wrapped in a pretty box and tied with a silky bow, but once inside it contains poverty, compliance, socialism, marxism and the stripping of your rights. Its goal is to cause racial division, discredit achievement and to reward based on the color of your skin and not merit.

  • Diversity = Division
  • Equity = Socialism & Marxism and eventually, totalitarianism.
  • Inclusion = You are favored based on the color of your skin , your place of origin or background.


The truth is we all should be treated with respect and compassion and ones skin color or socio-economic standing should not determine your reward.

Martin Luther King Jr. said to judge people based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Dr. King would be shocked at the idea of DEI, CRT and SEL

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) are actually quite synonymous with one another, they promote policies that are inherently racist, promote collectivism (socialism & Marxism) over individualism, merit and free markets! These ideologies are ripping America apart!

The Opposition

My opponents in the State Senate District 15 race advocate for DEI & SEL policies.

Scott Cuthbertson, CEO of EDC Utah – Please review the links to EDC Utah:

Follow this link to the EDC Utah About page…


“We are committed to providing a safe and respectful workplace where Diversity, Inclusion and Equity are highly valued among our staff, investors and clients”

Amber Shill, Canyons School District Board Member

Under Amber Shill’s watch, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) had been in place for years!

In September 2021 Canyon School District Superintendent Rick Robins, due to a high level of parental concern, put the brakes on Social Emotional Learning, a policy that the Board had implemented and left in place for years.

Follow this link to the KUTV expose on the $330K Social Emotional Learning program sexual content…

We must teach our children to be compassionate, forgiving and understanding to everyone, however, this does not mean we should be subjecting our children to socialist indoctrination policies disguised as compassion. 

If we give our children over to Caesar it is no wonder they come back Romans

Why Steve Aste

This is not a Stepping Stone in my career, it is not just another checked box for my resume. It is a genuine desire to help protect and return this state and this nation to the principles that it was founded upon. Our children deserve that!

I started my own construction company while working my way through the University of Utah. That small construction company quickly grew into a General Contracting Firm, which eventually led to some multi-family residential housing projects. I currently own a business that provides services to apartment and condominium communities. 

While in the General Contracting business, I  was responsible for the creation of hundreds of jobs. I believe in self sufficiency, while I also understand the need for a hand up on occasion. My current service oriented businesses provide entry level jobs for High School and College students in addition to highly skilled technicians. I believe the right way to help people is to mentor and teach them. Giving of oneself, both in time and  of resources is the best gift we can provide to others, and by doing so, we bring satisfaction, happiness and sense of purpose to ourselves.

I enjoy spending time with my family, mountain biking, hiking, fly-fishing, going off road in my Jeep, skiing, MMA and a multitude of other activities. 

Steve Aste is about Duty
to God, Family and Country

Our Nation, and therefore our State is in serious trouble
Like many of us, I have been asleep at the wheel concerning our duty to our State and our Nations affairs. The good news is, that its not to late. If we act now, this State and our Nation will be saved and all that it stands for will be restored.
I am filled with an incredible sense of purpose as it relates to doing my part toward bringing good principles,  truth and wisdom back in to  governance and our society. Of course, I cannot do it alone and therefore, I ask for your participation and support as we endeavor to do this together. 
It infuriates me  that so many of our elected officials have strayed from the principles that once defined us. We desperately need our leaders to speak the truth,  no matter the consequences, or in spite of the opposition they might face, even at the expense of their very position. I will do just that.
We have tolerated many lies for the sake of getting along or not to offend others. We have allowed ideologies that have been intentionally disguised as righteous justice to invade our schools, our work places and our society. 
I will hold myself accountable, I will hold other public officials accountable and I will expect you to hold all public servants accountable.
I (We) must speak the truth, because the truth will always prevail.
Protesting a Child Attended Drag Queen Show in the Public Square
I will never fear standing up for our children and families by simply speaking the truth



Border Security

The Biden Administration is far more concerned about the Ukrainian border than the southern border of the United States. Since the Biden Administration took office just over 3 year ago, the United States has seen an influx of over 7-10 million illegal immigrants come into country through our southern border. If it seems intentional that’s because it is. With such abhorrent policy, the President that has sworn, first and foremost to protect the citizens of this great nation, has been derelict in his most important duty. He has placed the security of this nation at risk, he has placed the good men and women of the border patrol at risk and he has placed every man, woman and child of this nation at risk.
We need warriors to fight for the soul of this nation and to secure a bright future for our children and grandchildren!
Terrorists are funneling in with intent to do the citizens of this nation harm. Drugs like Fentanyl are pouring in unabated, literally killing our children. Biden and his crew have placed a substantial financial burden on an already overburdened taxpayer. In some states, schools are being used to house immigrants at the expense of our children’s education. 
Open borders brings drugs, human trafficking and  sexual slavery which finds its way north to the state of Utah. I believe we should send Utah National Guard Troops to Texas to support their efforts to stop this invasion of our nation!
Governor Cox has pledged support for Texas Governor Abbott. He pledged 5 State Troopers & 10 Utah National Guard Members, These same numbers represent nothing more than a political talking point and no real meat on the bones.

Economy and Inflation

Our economy is largely driven by the availability and cost of energy (natural gas, oil for gasoline and coal). Natural gas to heat our homes, gasoline for our vehicles, trucks that deliver our food and everything else we consume and the coal that is burned to generate our electricity. Just think about it, we need energy for pretty much everything that we do in our daily lives. If these resources are in short supply we simply cannot function efficiently as a people and a nation. Due to the shortage of these critical energy sources the price of everything we consume has been driven to unaffordable prices. The cost to feed a family has doubled under the Biden administration, gasoline for our cars has more than doubled, all consumable that we need for daily subsistence has skyrocketed!
As we are all also painfully aware, inflation and interest rates have hit highs that have not been seen for years
Our State Legislature must condemn the Federal Government for Overreach of their Constitutional Authority

Utah's Economy and Bulging Budget

Did you know that under the Cox Administration our State Budget has increased over $8,000,000,000.00 from $21B to $29.5B in just 3 short years! In the 2025 fiscal year, Utah Taxpayers will be stuck with a $1B per/year debt service payment, thats double the amount from the 2024 fiscal year. That’s an huge increase in the size of our state government. Source: Governor’s 2025 Budget submittal.
If you are like me, you are really feeling the difference everytime you go to the grocery store or fill up your vehicles with gas. Our legislature touts the largest state income tax cuts in our history, the reality is, it only amounts to $120.00 per year for the average tax payer in Utah. Inflation is far outpacing our income increases, resulting in far less bang for our buck. What they fail to mention, is that our overall state taxes are the highest of any Red State in the country! This puts Utah on par with the Blue states and the taxes that they are paying.
Borrowing and printing money that we do not have increases inflation. Inflation reduces the buying power of our money. It takes more to buy less!
Money Down the Drain
Taking all this into consideration, our money does not go nearly as far as it did in the previous years, and yet our governor and legislature believe that we can afford bigger government here in Utah by an increase in its size exponentially! 
Our State government spins the truth to make it sound like they are being fiscally responsible

Energy Independence

We are dependant on Energy for everything we do and for everything that is produced. This nation under the previous administration in Washington implemented policies that allowed for the extraction  of the natural products we need to produce all the energy that is required to run this nation efficiently and effectively. In fact, for the first time in this nations history we not only produced all the energy need here at home, but as a nation we were actually exporting energy resources to foreign countries.
Due to the false narrative of climate change our current administration has curtailed the production of these resources we have here at home. Our nation is substantially weakened both economically on the world stage due to our lack of energy production but also militarily as well. These policies put the people of this nation at serious risk in a multitude of ways. These ill-conceived, fear tactic policies must stop! This country must immediately begin harvesting within our border the energy resources that are so vital to our national health.
Did you know that United States is buying gasoline from Iran, and that they are using this revenue to fund Terrorism against the U.S. and Israel?

Communist China & The State of Utah

I recently asked a high ranking Utah State Senator why our State Legislators make so many trips over to Communist China and why are we doing business with a sworn enemy? His answer was ” that if we didn’t do it someone else would”! If this doesn’t shock you to your core I do not know what could!

Follow this link to find out more about Chinese Influence in Utah

Relying on dozens of interviews with key players and the review of hundreds of pages of records, text messages and emails obtained through public records’ requests, the AP found China won frequent legislative and public relations victories in Utah.

State lawmakers have frequently visited China, where they are often quoted in state-owned media in ways that support Beijing’s agenda.

Some Utah Legislators deal with China that enrich the CCP's military capability. We are funding our own demise!

The United States Constitution / Federal vs States Rights

Thirteen Colonies came together and agreed upon a set of principles and guidelines unlike anything else in the history of the world. This would be like 13 separate countries coming together to agree upon one government, imagine the difficulty in this and the likelihood of failure. 

Authority was established in our Constitution where the States retained all the power for their individual governance. Our forefathers knew of the threat of an overreaching national authority and the Constitution was their way of protecting the States and individual rights.

Since that time, Utahns, like all Americans, have seen an unconstitutional and unprecedented expansion in stature and authority of this Federal government. We have seen ever increasing instances of overreach and intrusions into the affairs and matters that were expressly reserved to the States. We have stood idly by and done nothing as the Federal government’s out of control and dangerous levels of spending and borrowing have bloated our government, which has turned into the monstrosity that it is today.

Any and all efforts to restrict the Federal spending,  reduce the national debt and to stop the ever increasing bureaucracy have repeatedly been shot down by Democrats and Republicans alike.

I am committed to bringing power back to the States. It must start right here in Utah

Transparent Elections

Watch my video on Election Integrity

Play Video
Over the last 18 months I have traveled the state seeking input and dialogue with our County Clerks, Commissioners and Council Members in effort to better understand their perspective on Utah’s election system and how we can improve it.  To date, I have met with 25 of Utah’s 29 counties. Their overall support and  willingness to provide constructive feedback has been remarkably positive and encouraging.  It has become clear to me that most of our Clerks and Board of Canvass Members have nothing but the best of intentions as it relates to conducting our elections.  Most of the Clerks feel overwhelmed, overworked and under appreciated.
To ensure fairness, real certification must be implemented to give the citizens of this state the confidence that their elections are conducted fairly and certified with full transparency. 
How can we fight the issues that plague our society if we cannot be assured that the individuals we elect to represent us, were indeed elected by their constituents? The simple truth is we cannot effectively fight, and we certainly cannot control the narrative or outcome because they have effectively taken the power away from the people when they insert their preselected candidates into office.
The citizens of this great nation have an inalienable right to honest, fair and transparent elections. The supreme law of the land, The United States Constitution  Article I, Section 17 states; Elections are to be FREE (this means the right to free, fair and transparent elections). Without this, our nation will be governed by tyrants and the freedoms and liberties that we have taken for granted for so many years will be lost forever. 
Transparency in government and the ability to hold your elected officials accountable, beginning with our elections, is necessary to establish trust with the citizens of the United States of America. Lack of transparency an inability to hold elected officials accountable breeds distrust and inevitably ends in fraud. Fraudulent elections are nothing short of a hostile takeover of our government for personal power, wealth or an anti-American agenda.
Regardless of party affiliation, philosophy, religion or ideological viewpoint, voters want fairness and accuracy in the election process. 
I have spent countless hours traveling the state and speaking with our election officials, Clerks and Board of Canvass Members. I have dedicated a seperate website that details many of my findings. Please take a few minutes to review it. 
Please follow this link to the Election Certification Matters website…
Utah's Election System is open to numerous vulnerabilities that must be corrected. Full Transparency is an absolute necessity!



Here in Utah, as well as nationally, our education system and schools have been taken over by far left liberal ideology. We must put an end to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Critical Race Theory,  Social Emotional Learning and Sexual Orientation in our schools. I will NOT coddle and placate these liberal ideologies and I will fight to end them. These are parental decisions and belong in the HOME, not in the classroom! It is incomprehensible that our legislature, our school boards and quite honestly, we as parents have let this sickness creep into our young children’s education. 
I will support legislation that puts a stop to the indoctrination of our children
I will fight to end the U.S. Department of Education

Medical Freedom

The cat is out of the bag as to the origins of Covid-19, we now know with absolute certainty that it was produced with Gain-of- Function research in Wuhan, China funded by the United States government through Anthony Fauci. The American people have been lied to in an unprecedented manner. Under no circumstance should the Government, State or Federal, have any say as to the health matters of the individual. The government has no authority to force mandates masks or vaccines, they have no authority to shut down businesses, schools and churches. 
The World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, United Nations, World Bank, G7 and G20 are preparing for what they call “Disease X”. They have said that they would implement contact tracing, social distancing, surveillance, lockdowns, travel restrictions and ban family gatherings and church services. They are also prepared to censor what they deem as misinformation that is contrary to their narrative.
We can never again allow our government and these tyrannical entities to have authority over our health
We have been lied to, censored and manipulated. They will try it again!
We the People

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